Episode 14: Plastics vs. Basics

May 17, 2016 Fridayjuice 0

In a world where loyalty and friendship are just as interchangeable as underwear, and men suggest that a 10 second video on Snapchat suffices for communication in a relationship. Plastics vs. Basics is a debate that has been brewing for a while between the ladies of Friday Juice!

Episode 12: Juicy Respons-aLITas

March 25, 2016 Fridayjuice 0

When becoming an adult and thinking about all the new responsibilities you’re going to have it’s difficult to keep on track with what you want out of life. Tune in to hear what Shalonda and Kori have to say about their responsibilities and growth!

Episode 10: Black Excellence

February 22, 2016 Fridayjuice 0

What a time to be alive and to be black! What we love about black history month is that even though black excellence is celebrated every month February just gives us more of an excuse to speak and show out. To make a long story short, this is not the podcast to miss!

Episode 9: Levels to Social Media

January 26, 2016 Fridayjuice 0

Social Media influence on success, conversations on growth, oh and another impromptu fight between Kori and Shalonda? This is not the Friday Juice podcast to miss! It’s on a NEW LEVEL!