The Spill: Zoe Ever After

I’m not going to hold you…

It’s GOOD!!!

Really really good!

I watched the first episode of Zoe Ever After which premiered tonight on B.E.T starring the Vocal Bible herself, Brandy Norwood, and I can honestly say I found myself laughing and interested in the characters of the show. I’m not going to spoil the entire episode for those of you, who may have missed it, but get into some of the key details that should make you want to tune in Tuesday nights at 10PM.


Whilst trying to build an empire, raise her son, and possibly get rid of her husband Zoe Moon (Brandy) may seem to have it all ,but she still trying to figure out how “it all” fits together.maxresdefault

While in this particular episode we see Brandy finally sign divorce papers (after a year of being separated) thereby ending her 20 year relationship with  pro-boxer, Moon. I’m not one of those viewers who thinks we’ve seen the last of this married couple. Since no one actually brought said divorce papers to a court house or lawyer, so  in my book that scene didn’t mean a thing (lol)! I expect to see more of these two try and figure out what exactly their relationship is, as they work out some of the past mistakes made during the span of their two decades spent together.


Now don’t go thinking the show is just about them two, because did I mention how funny that assistant Valente is?  His comedy just keeps you on your toes as he swiftly gets together, Pearl, who plans on getting married in a year. Though did I mention she has no man, no potential man, and again NO MAN!!


This show is ALL GOOD, and i’m excited for next weeks episode to see just where that fine Puerto-Rican Papi of a contractor fits in!

Oh, and did I mention Mrs. Norwood released a track right after the episode?


It’s soulful and it’s an obvious sign that our Brandy is ready to SANGGGGG this next album. Friday Juice is all the way tuned in, and let’s just say I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing and HEARING a lot of our Bran Bran this new year! Take a listen to the track below and let us know if your Beggin & Pleadin to see ZOE EVER AFTER.

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