F*ckgirl-isms 101: How to Do You!

Yes ladies this post is for you! I need you ladies to realize 2 can play the game. As women we are nurturing creatures, and begin to give more than we receive, and get less than we deserve.

With that being said, WE need to to come together and have this talk: How to do you, Fuckgirl-isms 101

Let’s face it… in this generation women are taken for GRANTED, simply treated like property and not with significance. At least that’s what our music tells us, our men show us and our peers speak to us. So why should we act in any manor less than “trashy”. Well I’m here to tell you that you can do WHATEVER it is that you want to do.

As women we need to uplift each other and stop letting others tell us how to live our lives.


no wifey shit

  • Being ashamed of who you are, letting what others signify as beautiful diminish your self love
  • Shaming other women for trying to better themselves, or for doing and being different than the current fade
  • Raising the men you’re dealing with, K. Michelle said it best You Can’t Raise a Man
  • Taking away from yourself to please other people, especially young women out there, do not take food out of your mouth to feed others who will not be there when you need them most
  • Allowing ONE person MAN or FEMALE destroy your character, your life, goals, aspirations, continue to BELIEVE in yourself
  • Doing anything for money or attention, all money isn’t good money



  • Get #busy, no time for the games, stay busy and stay ready
  • 2 can play the game, don’t ever let them see you sweat, do them how they do you
  • ENCOURAGE each other to be successful, STRONG women, make strong MEN & WOMEN
  • Keep your options open, whatever you want you have options
  • DO respect yourself and love yourself, if you don’t no MAN or WOMAN is going to do it for you
  • HAVE FUN don’t worry about what people have to say, as long as you are OKAY with your actions



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