F*ck Boy Series Part 1: The Total Package

Welcome to 2016! A new year with plenty of F*ck Boys! These guys are built up with beards and muscles and tons of BULLS*HIT. Why do we subject ourselves to such a waste of time? Let’s just start by saying EVERYONE has experienced a f*ck boy, weather you acknowledge it or not, but I want to help those of you who haven’t had to deal with one, identify and stay away from the F*ck Boy! Let’s start with the ingredients that make up the F*ck Boy, shall we?!


  1. 30% pathological liar (lie so much start believing their lies, BUT can’t keep track)
  2. 10% why you single (because of guys like you)
  3. 20% scammer (fast money=jail time, not doing that bid)
  4. 10% i’m a different breed (in this case yes, different breed of dog)
  5. 15% You drive? You live alone? (my actual dog is the only freeloader over here)
  6. 15% She’s just a friend? (until it’s 2am and his phone is booming, and his friend heavy on the line)


As you can see, these dudes have hardly anything to offer but LOOKS. Ladies let’s be smart.




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