The 2015 Top 5 Female Cultural Influencers

In the spirit of Jadakiss, we name our TOP 5  female cultural influencers who taught us strength, wisdom, and most importantly what WINNING actually looks like. Winning is not just about monetary success, instead it’s about conquering the world even through a sea of tears to not only promote continual growth but to show us that the process of growth isn’t always easy! One of these women represent the woman you are today or possibly the woman your looking to be. Whatever the case, I hope you’ve been as inspired as we were watching them shine this year. Get into our top 5 below!

5. Zendaya Coleman  zendaya-complex-magazine-2016-pics_2

She came , she saw, and oh she got a BARBIE! Our Zendaya has seen a come-up not enjoyed by many young women in the entertainment industry today. From dodging that disaster of an Aaliyah movie back in 2014, surviving the various assaults on the authenticity of her ‘blackness’, and ultimately her courage towards tackling ignorant perceptions connected to dread locks. Our  Zendaya has earned numerous magazine covers, a limited edition barbie, but most importantly a platform to help all girls stay true to themselves, and battle any and all attacks on the type of women they’re becoming.



4. Shonda Rhimes   shonda

Shonda…Shonda..Shonda, no one can do Thursday’s quite like you! From being a attendant at The Grey-Sloan Memorial hospital, a Gladiator facing the political evils in our nations Capital, and finally becoming an emotionally complex law student surviving and committing murders! We get to envision and go on the crazy adventures that takes place in Shonda Land. Not only that, you’ve managed to be a single mom to three kids, write an amazing book, and shed some weight? This woman is unstoppable and through her personal and business life we’re learning it’s okay to be flawed and make mistakes as long in end we can still face the sun.




3. Taraji P. Henson   TARAJI

To speak of this now EMMY WINNER is to speak SUCCESS!! To watch this talented women stretch from outside the realms of a segmented audience to reach the masses is a blessing. Taking her ‘cookie’ and giving it  to the world in such a complex way that forces you to take notice is something only a true ACTRESS can do! Cookie Girl, watching you succeed is just OH SO SWEET!!


2. Serena Williams   serena-williams-new-york-magazine-lead

WINNER! CHAMPION! BEST FRIEND! Those three words describes this dynamic winner who has taken her love and passion for tennis and has shifted it to making herself a global presence. She has graced the cover of numerous covers, but this year there was just this confidence about her that made you stop and take notice. She’s a tennis winner, but a cultural phenomenon. What other tennis player has ever DOMINATED like Serena is ? I’ll wait…yeah, NOBODY!!


1. Viola Davis   viola

Then there was this power house of a woman named VIOLA. She literally defined the odds, and bared it all for American TV viewers with the removal of her make-up and wig , and has since given the world a live demo on all the complexities that make women… WOMEN. We are Bold, We Cry, We Love, and more times than not were INDESCRIBABLE! Even though we may know these things, and often heard them mentioned, Viola EMBODIES these MANTRAS that makes her success feel so  invigorating. Viola Davis is walking wisdom, and she’s like none other! And after all that’s said and done , did i mention she won a PrimeTime Emmy? #Viola Forever

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