Beyond the Beards and into the Fur: #ShearlingSeason

You’re highly misinformed if you think that the fur trend is only being dominated by women this Winter . Actually ,some of our top fellow “MCM’s”are on the scene to show off  the classic Shearling coat, making the strong case that with just a little construction, men just might rock fur better than women. 

male fur

Like what you see? Well check out my top 3 coats below to grab for yourself or the man in your life. Oh, and did I mention all three coats hail from the same designer? 🙂 Get into the details below.

Kori’s Top 3-Shearling Looks featuring the Shabazz Brothers.

1.)  image1

2.) image2

3.) image3

Are you ready for #SHEARLINGSEASON yet? If not you’re late and need to check out Shabazzbrothersofficial, whose design and aesthetic gives the Classic Shearling coat the necessary edge that allows it to be dressed up or down. Check out their amazing work and let them know who put you on first!


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