The Spill: You’re Going To Go Down and Do What? Bibby Let Me Find Out!

As an avid music lover, it’s not a rare occurrence that I’m listening to a bevy of mix-tapes, Ep’s, or just random new releases.  So, this past December with the  large release of mixtapes such as Summer Time Shootout, The Kanan Tapes , Before The Party, and etc. it wasn’t a surprise that when the Black Barry White A.K.A Lil Bibby released Free Crack 3, it was in my morning rotation. Anyway,  as  I was a little bit  halfway through the tape, I hear what sounds like Jacquees croon out  ” If he finnnnnds out…if he finnnnnds outttt”, and  since then I have yet to find the strength to finish the mix-tape. Listen below and find out why!!



The legacy of Bibby’s first verse, mixed with Jacquees smooth as butter ad-libs, with the interjection of the always soul-ful ,Tink’s, melodic inputs has this song has an early contender of  the Hood-love classics playlist (3am, Bump N’ Grind, Knockin’ Da Boots). Like, I can’t begin to express in words nor emotions the feeling I get when I hear Bibby say, ” I’m gunnah go down and i’mma  _____ (fill in the blank)”. I’m literally blushing as I write this, I just can’t wait for the video. Oh, because did I mention that I will be leading the thousands of girls wanting and campaigning to see this visual?

Damn Bibby …Damn, I’m on my way to Chicago because I HAVE to find out 🙂

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