Jeremih: Late Nights Review

I’m sure many of you have listened to Jeremih’s Late Nights with Jeremih mixtape and was wondering when he was going to drop a follow up album. WELL…it’s here and let me tell you it will have you ready for some things, feeling some things and doing some thangs.

Besides there being countless hits and singles on the project, there were several big name features  including Ty Dolla $ign, J. Cole, Migos, Future, Big Sean, YG, Jhene Aiko and Juicy J. All in all the project was solid, lots of bangers. Below I’m going to highlight my TOP 5 of course and why.

1. I Did feat. Feather– I’m really feeling this song, especially during the break down, when Feather comes in, lots of explicit content not for the kiddies

2. Royalty feat Future & Big Sean It’s no surprise this is one of my faves, Future & Big Sean have had a great year, putting out countless hits, and Jeremih’s melodies make this track a BANGER

3. Giv no Fuks feat. Migos Guaranteed club banger, with Migos featured, “tonight I decided I don’t giv no fuks, started off the Tron, I’m on that Henny now”

4. Remember Me- loving this song, don’t worry boo you don’t have to be rich, just pay your bills and we cool 🙂

5. Actin’ Up- man just listen to the track…

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