Blac Chyna Lashed Liquid Lipstick Review

If you recently listened to our latest podcast entitled, Motivated Motives than you know that I’m definitely a #chynadoll. Even though I may not be able to purchase anything off of 88 FIN due to my love of food :). I have ALWAYS been a long supporter of Chyna, even back to the days of her having a Youtube with her best friend Treasure, and being active on her blog.

With that in mind, it was a no brainer that I purchase and support her cosmetic line entitled Lashed. Although, I  frequently purchase her eyelashes, this post is all about Blac Chyna’s Lashed liquid lipsticks. Out of her 10 color offerings I purchased two, “Haute Coco” and “Mink Pink”, and let me just tell you that the semi pricey 11.99 sticker price was worth it.



The lipsticks come in a gold foil bubble wrapping, and are tightly encased in gold tissue paper, sealed by a sticker that “thanks you for your order.”The shipping was a bit on the pricey side, ranging for about $8-$10. Aside from the gold bubble wrapping being really ugly, i appreciate the effort. Additionally, the shipping came in the anticipated timing of 3-5 business days.



There are 10 premium shades of Blac Chynas Liquid Lipsticks. I picked two of the more neutral tones, though Chyna has a good range of the standard lipstick color options. My favorite out of the two colors i picked is probably HAUTE COCO. It just works great with and without a liner, and is perfect for just simple everyday makeup.



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The lipsticks glide on super smooth, have a creamy thick texture, and thankfully are not sticky. The color pay off is AMAZING, and I was worried about how these lipsticks would fair out on darker skin tones,and to my surprise it worked out really nicely.

Additionally, after  prolonged wear there is no white residue that make your lips feel weird.


I love my lashed liquid lipsticks, and can’t wait to see Blac Chyna and her Lashed empire grow!

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