They’re young, ambitious, and most of all stylish, which makes these two sisters perfect for our very first Juicy Style Alert. One of the things that is so refreshing about these two, is their ability to mix high and low pieces.They take items from places such as old navy and target and combine them with items ranging from Zara to Louis Vuitton, in order to create inspiring outfits that can be replicated. In an age obsessed with labels, these ladies show us true style that is ignorant of any price tag. Lets get into how these ‘real sisters’ slay the family way.


Though I love an all white ‘godly’ look.There is something about a girl in all black that makes the world stop and take notice.


A little leather , fringe, and mesh never hurt anybody. Right?


Although I wish I could share all the amazing looks these dynamic sisters create. There’s just not enough space in a post nor do I have copyright infringement money (LOL). Good news is, ¬†you can catch all these amazing looks and more on their blog LAYLLAH, and on Instagram.

Oh and don’t forget to let them know who put you on first!

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