Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lipstick Review

They may glide on like paint but let me tell you, after they dry those lips are matte, plump, and kissable. Colour Pop Ultra Matte lipsticks were a 2015 favorite that swept the internet, and if you haven’t heard about these $6 lippies than your seriously missing out on a great beauty find.

On my hunt to track down and try all the latest and greatest (even not so great) products, Colour Pop’s media presence was hard to ignore. Let’s not forget the awesomely beautiful and talented Raye Boyce had her very own lippie shade (StingRAYE) that had all girls eager to support (though the inexpensive price didn’t hurt either).

In my effort to support,  I purchased three lippies Limbo, Creeper, and StingRAYE. The colors are listed in descending order in terms of what worked best on my skin-tone. Though, I’ve learned that because I change my style and hair color every other week, depending on the style, color, and cut some lippies work better than others.



The lippies are Matte so depending on your tolerance for matte lipsticks the level of dryness is subject to opinion. I personally didn’t find them too drying, but would suggest putting a light balm on before applying if you’re not use to the matte feeling.


After applying the lippies they dry under a minute, and DO NOT TRANSFER!!!  I was initially worried about their ability to be “transfer-free” when considering the low price point. Though after wearing all three I can honestly say they absolutely DO NOT transfer, and they’re long-lasting.


We asked for long-lasting, matte, transfer-free, and inexpensive lipstick and Colour Pop delivered. With all of these requests we forgot to mention that the lip-stick removal be PAIN- FREE ! These things are really hard to remove, I mean WOW! It took so much abuse and three make-up wipes to remove the first lipstick from my lips that I was unsure if it was worth even trying a second. Though have no fear because COLD CREAM is here! These lippies can easily be removed with a dime-drop of cold cream smeared on the lips and then wiped off with tissue or a wash cloth!


These lipsticks are simply magical for all that they provide for such a low price point. They are amazing and if your friend, mother, or girlfriend is due for a gift? These are perfect for a make-up gift bag (and i would know because a few of my loved ones had Colour Pop in their stockings)!


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