The Spill: If you’re not Riding the Tsunami Mob Wave…You’re Late!!!


So I happened to be on Instagram doing some late night stalking, and this girl I often live vicariously through, was singing along to this unidentified melodic voice.  Well after the 15 second instagram clip was over, I just kept thinking about “that” voice, and “that” song. So…. like most modern individuals that have access to an internet connection, I Googled the hook and low and behold I found the beautiful and talented Kehlani Parrish.  Ever since then I can’t stop listening.


She gives me this light-skinned Aaliyah tease, but you know it’s more inspiration  then imitation when you listen to her first mixtape Cloud 19. Then follow up with her now critically acclaimed mix-tape,  You Should Be Here  (that has landed her 1st grammy nod btw) where you hear  a true progression and rawness in her music that’s not tainted by trying to be some one other than Kehlani.    tumblr_n9xzmnFkEX1r0epe9o1_500

She has probably one of the most touching coming up stories in music today, and her energy (that i get on youtube and instagram..don’t judge me ) makes this humble spirit one I don’t mind vouching for. She’s so JUICED UP and I can’t wait until shes really spilling over! 7b48e6b88b2c9a086e097e98af57ecba

Wanna join the wave? Head over to her soundcloudyoutube, and instagram and CATCH UP on the girl were all talking about!

Oh and don’t forget who put you on FIRST!



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