It’s Not the Insurance Company It’s You!

So let’s be honest. Most of us have saw the emails about open enrollment. I’m sure many of you just selected the best option that wouldn’t affect your bi-weekly check too harshly. But as we enter into the New Year and say goodbye to last year benefits, who knows what’s in store for your 2016 benefit year should you need medical or dental attention?

Coming from an insurance company background, nothing irks me more than the saying “I hate my insurance company because they didn’t pay my claim and blah blah blah blah blah *insertsannoyedface.
No my friend it’s not your insurance company. It’s time you looked at the benefits that were offered by your employer and the benefits YOU ultimately choose.


Yes my friend you are too blame. It’s not the insurance company’s fault you choose the low option plan when you know your body needs those premium benefits offered in the high option. I know for years people have lead you to believe the insurance companies are evil, but I’m here to tell you it’s just not true. Insurance companies are more than willing to pay for your claims, but YOUR plan chosen by YOUR employer and ultimately selected by YOU, has to be set up to pay out those benefits.

This idea helps us to move forward as we identify a key problem missing in terms of the “I hate my insurance company conversation”. Whereas, the insurance company was hired under the guidelines of YOUR company to administer the benefits that they PAY FOR!

So when you have a 300 calendar dental max or a 20,000 family medical deductible. Your employer CHOSE that, and unfortunately at the time you liked that option that took out 2 cents from your check.
I don’t blame you though, because we got to have lives too right? We can’t afford to let those health benefits eat up half our bi-weekly income. Guess what though? I do have good news for you in understanding insurance companies.

Ripley’s believe it or not, insurance companies want YOUR employer to choose the better plans that they can offer. Why you ask? Because it is ultimately the insurance company’s name being damaged when members complain about sucky benefits. And don’t forget that they are a business, and the unhappier members are with services the more likely they are to complain, which will cause those cheap employers of yours to look at other insurance companies but this time with an edge for increased benefits.

I know your probably thinking, but I would win in the end right?
WRONGGGGG!!! The premiums will still go up and that dentist or doctor you loved? Oh yeah, you see…he WAS in-network with your old insurance. Though now he’s OUT with the new insurance company. So I hope you have decent out-of-network benefits or back to ramen noodles for the year while you pay off those 3 emergency room visits you had to take that still didn’t satisfy your deductible.


You understand me now why it’s NOT your insurance company’s fault?
You see why YOU are the master driver on the road to open enrollment. You must review the plan options offered and ULTIMATELY YOU must understand the 2 nickel plan isn’t going to cover much.

I know you thinking well, what if all plans offered are the 2 nickel benefit options?

Well then my friend first you complain, complain, complain to Human Resources and if that doesn’t work? Let me introduce you to and They will get you out of that abusive relationship you share with your employer, and on to the employers who love their employees enough to cover medical and dental preventative services in-network at 100%.
The reality is YOUR employer doesn’t love you not the insurance company.

More good news though…

I still love you, and hope by next year’s enrollment time you’ll be on a better path with a more intentional map of where the HELL these benefits will leave you.

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