The Spill: Bahja Rodriguez is Officially BAE

The biggest question when a girl group breaks up is who will be the Beyonce of the group? With the early success of her singles, “Jealous type”, “Lipstick”, and “Next one”, Bahja Rodriguez, is making the strong case that this former OMG girl will have her Beyonce outbreak no matter how shaky the R&B music scene is right now.

You knew her as the pink hair fraction of the OMG Girlz,now let’s get to know the girl they call BAE, with a track by track review of her new EP entitled, It Gets Better.


CRASHING– (ya done got me fucked up if you don’t think I can make it solo)

This mid tempo track that begins the 7 track EP is basically an ode to all those who doubt that she can go solo and have as much if not more success than The OMG Girlz.  She makes the case that though everything seems to be crashing down she will come back out on top and prove the naysayers wrong. Everything about this track was perfect in terms of setting the EP off for those that may not be aware of Bahja’s solo work, but because I have been following her for a while and know her capabilities as a singer and an artist this song isn’t one I gravitate to.



PLACE– (I don’t want to replace you but it can and will happen since you wanna be funny)

Now this song right here. Yes, Bahjaaaaaaa!!!!!!! I got my entire life. Here Bahja gives us the track that helps us to leave that part-time boyfriend alone and go find someone looking for a full-time boyfriend position. Even though Bahja wants to stay with him, she’s letting him know real fast she is over being lonely and if he doesn’t want to show up she will find someone who will.




MAYBE– (I left you, I’m over this situation-ship, and I’m not telling you why)

I LIVE for this track. On my very first listen of this EP I just continually replayed this song. Here Bahja left that loser she warning in ‘place’ and she’s letting him know that she will not do the back and forth with him. She already warned him that she would leave if he didn’t get his act together. He didn’t change. So she left. No explanations. BYE!!!



Ride or Die(Let me spell it out what type of guy I want)

In this track with the assistance of Jacob Lattimore, Bahja is explaining the type of guy she needs in order to be a ride or die chick. I really loved this song due to the natural blend of Bahja’s voice and Jacob’s. The track was beautiful and just made so much sense.






Chill, Turn Up & Party– (Boy ain’t nobody stupid, you trying get physical, and that’s just not me)

I’m just beyond obsessed with this song. Now-a-days you exchange a few snaps with some make-up on your face and boys automatically think that means you’re going to give him all the goods. So annoying , but in this track Bahja gives us girls some assistance by letting these boys know I’m just coming over to have a good time with CLOTHES ON!!!!

12145445_1672392359664718_1959395239_nSee my Face– (It must suck to see me be successful minus you)

I don’t think I’m personally in the space of my life to appreciate this song so it’s not one I personally vouch for. Though she sounds amazing with this track, and letting those naysayers know, as the EP comes to a close, that it must suck to see me on a 1,000 without you. HA!






Don’t need yo money(You need to actually be a decent boyfriend, you can’t buy my love)

The EP ends on an independence note just letting these males know that their money won’t influence her feeling towards them and their relationship.





Overall this EP is Kori APPROVED, and I can’t wait to follow Mrs. Rodriguez on what looks to be a flourishing solo career. Friday Juice has officially fallen for BAE!


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