Being AWARE in 2017 is literally a matter of where you get your INFORMATION.

Although it  may be easy to believe your friends and families often misspelled, emoji-filled Facebook posts about politics,entertainment, and worldly news. Nothing and I mean NOTHING can beat a fully informed and concise write-up in regards to the news you didn’t even know you  wanted to know!  So be sure to get familiar with my Top 10 #staywoke2017  resources below!


  • HUFFINGTON POST (Black Voices)- If you’re looking for witty yet insightful articles about the happenings in Washington? Then Black Voices houses some amazing commentary along with great lifestyle pieces that will keep you up to date and informed should you be challenged on your political aptitude.
  • THE ROOT – You will find engaging  content delivered on these servers that deals with the nations politics with enough humor, grit, and research that will no doubt make it one of your frequent destinations.


  • BLACKGIRLSAREEASY– Probably one of the most brutally  honest and yet painfully hilarious relationship sites that is  catered toward the young woman trying to find that special someone, and the young man trying to understand why he does the often weird  things he does. Click with caution.


  • #BLKCREATIVES– From weekly motivational newsletters to content focused on dream building. This site is for the creative trying to figure it all out. Not to mention the insanely popular twitter chats , just be sure to use the hashtag if you want to join in.
  • Blavity– A new-age digital domain that gives the under-represented creative a place to feel at home. From commentary on the latest trends to capturing the moments main stream media just wouldn’t. This is a place the multi-faceted creative can join the conversation.


  • Black Enterprise– Anybody with a business or someone looking to start a business should be checking out this site that offers great tips, news, and content with a focus on building, maintaing, and investing in your business.
  • OfficialBlackWallStreet– A great resource for finding black business to support! It houses an ever-growing directory of business “For us, By us”


  • EBONY– This a must stop destination for  all things BLACK! Entertainment, food, witty commentary i mean… they  GOT YOU! Ebony has skillfully learned how to simply DO IT FOR THE CULTURE!
  • DEBENER – Geared towards the modern man with relationship,fitness, and lifestyle hacks to build up “the true black gentleman”
  • ESSENCE – A premier Black Women’s lifestyle guide that features the celebrity interviews, beauty tips, and news stories defining the women of the 21st century.

Did I miss one? If so, than let me know below!

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