Episode 18: New Year Who Dis?

2016 had it’s ups and downs and were sure 2017 will as well , although it’s time for a change.

To often you hear “out with the old, and in with the new” and yet that same individual can’t separate the two (the old with the new). It’s why it’s been so important to us here at Friday Juice these past couple weeks ┬áto curate content that will uplift, inspire, and yet incite action inside of you. We not only want you to switch up on those negative relationships that may be hindering you, but also identify what is it about YOU that’s hindering you!

This was a question we asked ourselves and we decided its time for a change…

So if you think were not addressing an issue, or if you feel as though you can add some sugar to Friday Juice? Please feel free to submit your articles, stories, rants, or whatever you feel as though you can add to fridayjuice@gmail.com. Oh and don’t be stingy be sure to pass the information along to your friends….

Here’s to another year of creative content, over flowing blessings, and more FRIDAY JUICE…

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