Mannequin Challenged Life

Many of us have habits that are holding us back from reaching our full potential. We spend most of our lives working, but forgetting to make things work for us. Get your money’s worth out of life and stop complaining about things you’re not making efforts or sacrifices to change. That my friend is a mannequin challenged lifestyle. No change, no motivation, a standstill.

Living a stagnant and complacent life will have you unmotivated and may eventually cause some mental instability. Taking the appropriate steps to maximizing your life will lead to contentment and fulfillment. The habits that I refer to include all the things we may think are fulfilling our lives, or things we believe we deserve to indulge in. By all means having fun is essential to living a fulfilling life, but when fun becomes the cause of your instability then that is a habit that needs to change. Some of these habits may include smoking, drinking, over indulging in other money pit activities including excessive shopping, partying, eating out, and taking vacations you can not afford.
Don’t wait until the end of the year every year to make a change. Start once you realize things aren’t progressing for you but staying the same. Figure out why you have these habits and why you can’t control them? Acknowledging that you’re the cause of your place in life is key and developing new habits is ideal.
I challenge everyone to the Goal Digging Challenge, stop being a mannequin in life and start setting goals and accomplishing them! 
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