Juicy Premiere: Rob & Chyna

As a Chyna Doll I’m beyond excited for the premiere of Blac Chyna’s new reality show. Where the masses will be able to get a view of her beyond the shady articles that like to portray her as  some gold-digging, stripper, baby-momma*side eye*. Which is BEYOND the truth.

So lets get ready  to see Chyna as a mom, fiancee, and BUSINESS WOMAN.

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First thing first they’re having…

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A girl! With Chyna already having her KING, it’s so amazing that she’s having a girl. I can only imagine how beautiful #RobandChyna little Queen will be.I secretly was praying with Chyna that she would have a girl and WOOHLA, “were” having a girl!! There’s definitely power in NUMBERS! #TeamCHY

2. Robert is a mama’s boy…

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And it’s a little annoying. Don’t get me wrong I have enjoyed watching Rob and Chyna but the #RobandKris show is just WHACK! Like how can Chyna and Rob build if Kris is always sitting right there in the middle of everything. It’s like ugh Rob…GROW UP!!

3. Stop. Texting. Bitches.

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It doesn’t get any simpler than that ROBERT! Don’t accuse Chy of  cheating, but then openly admit that your still texting bitches? Like what? Chy is pregnant, hormonal, and not here for it!  I think it’s time he learn whose he’s dealing with, and i guarantee you it’s not a Cheetah girl (no shade Adrienne)!

4. Chy you can’t kick him out tho…

Image result for blac chynaI’m not going to lie 99.99% of the time I’m going to be on Chyna’s side, but this .01% of the time i’m going to admit she was wrong. I agree that Robert may get on your nerves but he’s STILL the baby daddy. He may be annoying but we ALL know you love you some Robert. So act like it.

5. Ultimately they fight because they love each other.

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They may fight, argue, and have their differences but ultimately they are showing the up and downs of a new relationship amongst building a new family.

Will you be tuned in next week?

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