Juicy Reads: Coffee Will Make You Black

I have been slowly but consistently making my way through this  Huffington Post book list, and next up on the  list was April Sinclair’s American classic, Coffee Will  Make You Black. The book is a coming to age story about a young girl name “Stevie”  growing up in the 1960’s battling  adolescent woes of independence surrounding  beauty, sexuality, and social freedom. Where we witness this young  girl hilariously try to figure out her place in the world amongst the ideas forced on her from family & friends.

Plain and simple, this book is sooooo feel good. Although it gives you a lot to think about.

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At times Stevie can be  confused and you want to just to shake her  and say Stevie NO! Although at  other times you feel so proud of her for making her own decisions. I’m not going to lie… the questions about her sexuality threw me off  a bit, but surprisingly it was a twist that warrants a huge discussion for any group of friends or book club willing  to explore what some might still consider a controversial topic.

I am forever Stevie’s big  sister!

There is even a squeal to this text, but a few chapters in where Stevie is now a college student, I made the decision not to continue. Call it selfish but I just prefer my Stevie in Book 1, but feel free to continue on and read on about Stevie long after she’s not sure what it means to “make your love come down” here.

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This book is another favorite of mine that I would strongly recommend to a much younger audience where I could see so many girls find comfort in this young  confused girl who explores many questions that many stories and television shows just won’t don’t cover.

Has the Coffee Made you Black?

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