Juicy Reads: 32 Candles

32 Candles has been literally sitting on my Amazon wish list for years !!

It seemed as though every time I would attempt to turn this reading “wish” into a reading reality, I would become side tracked.

Although this is where BEST FRIENDS come in because one of my longest friends has been trying to up her literary game, and immediately I made what turned out to be this  light,fun, and downright HILARIOUS text our first reading offering together.

What I love about the book is  how humble,real,and just ridiculously flawed the main character, Davie Jones is. It doesn’t matter the situation nor her role in it, Davie Jones creates solutions.   Too often the ugly-duckling or un -popular character is portrayed waiting for the right moment to become who  they are or even make excuses to the reasons they are who they are. Although with Davie, you root for her because she is clear in terms of who she is amongst those who perceive her as something entirely different. She has a hopefully romantic sense of Molly Ringwald movies, an afro, and a personality that is sure to keep you emotionally invested.

It seems almost cliche to say, but I would have to admit that I laughed, I cried, and apart of me loves Davie Jones because she is the definition of remaining BRAVE no matter the tragedy.  I love Ernessa T. Carter for writing a story that I just can’t stop thinking about because I mean what girl doesn’t feel like an outsider and ugly-duckling when trying to get the guy everyone else has already decided you can’t have?


If 32 Candles wasn’t on your radar or apart of your upcoming reads than stop what your  doing and pick it up immediately, as it is truly the definition of fiction at it’s finest!

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