Popularity Contest…who wins?

Going through your teenage years is the hardest time in life to get through. From peer pressure, to learning to accept yourself and dealing with popular misconceptions can be difficult. As I matured into adulthood I realized the popularity contest truly never ends. People are still living for and seeking the approval of others. This may be done subconsciously but it’s truly upsetting to know even in adulthood people are outcasted and shamed for being “different”.


Mean Girls, has definitely come to life and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon in this era of Social Media. It seems as though everyone’s minds are controlled by perceptions of what a bad b*tch and a real n*gga are and the validation of self love by likes, comments and followers. People forget that virtual life can be made up but #inreallife you can’t hide.

cyber bullying

Offline people have just as much to say about others and their accomplishments or lack of but have yet to figure out what their visions of success is. Being in the “in” crowd or having popular status doesn’t define you, find your inner happiness, and define your self love. A follower never wins but a leader defines their path. As I have matured I have realized there is no winner of the popularity contest, just a bunch of followers with no path! Define your path and live your own life.

Ideals of popularity can control every aspect of a vulnerable, insecure person’s life including their finances, who they date, their self esteem. #Inreallife the popularity contest NEVER ends. The question is when are you going to drop out of the race?

running race

Self love is the best love.

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