Ways to Adopt better Spending Habits

Let me tell you how hard it is to gain control of spending habits. Hustling ain’t easy but blowing a bag sure can be…I mean I’ve never had a bag to blow but the coins I do acquire I tend to always find something to spend it on! It would be nice if we could all afford everything we ever wanted but thing is you have to work for it. So I’m here to help all you big spenders possibly learn some new saving techniques I’ve used since I started working at 14.


  1. Create a budget that works for you! Write out all your monthly expenses, from your daily Starbucks or Dunkin runs, to your phone bill, rent and gas costs. Don’t forget to dedicate a 1/3 of your left over money to savings. You’re supposed to dedicate a 1/3 of your total income but some of us can’t swing that so 1/3 of your left over should leave you some money left over to play with $$$.
  2. Plan out your purchase, events, or travel dates ahead of time, incorporate some of the expenses into your monthly budget so that when it is time to book your trip, buy your tickets or make downpayment you are READY! Key is to STAY READY!


3. If you carry cash, when you come home put loose change, dollars, and anything smaller than a $10 in a piggy bank or container and watch your coins build up! Trust me you’ll be amazed how much loose “change” you have. I used a tide detergent container before and saved $200 in a month before outside of my regular savings!

4. Many people these days work two jobs or have side hustles. Instead of having that money direct deposited into the same account you have your main source of income deposited into open a separate account just for saving with NO DEBIT CARD ACCESS. I use an old account I opened for car financing and let my second job checks accumulate there.

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5. Make financial goals. Once you write down any goal and speak it to existence it is much easier to manifest. If you have financial goals such as financing a NEW car, buying a home or starting a business set goals for yourself and start putting away towards them. Your goals and aspirations are motivation to make you want to save that coin and build up your accounts.

At the end of the day we all want to live in luxury but you have to figure out what is important to you and feeling fulfilled in this lifetime. So save some of that coin and put it towards the things that will really make you happy.

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