Juicy Read: 101:The Blueprint For a Swank Life

You guys know that after I read a more spiritual book, I try to make it a point to follow-up with a lighter read. When scrolling through Instagram a couple weeks ago, and seeing that Olori Swank was releasing a book I was a bit hesitant. It had nothing to do with her specifically, but more to do with the Instagram author trend that seems to be going around. Where everybody with a Microsoft enabled computer, over 50k followers, and enough money to pay a back door publisher, seems to be releasing “a book”. Though after looking at some Instagram videos tagged #swanklife  where fans voluntarily showcased the books beautiful cover with snippets of the content. I went ahead and made my purchase.


What I love about the book minus the impeccable presentation is that the information presented in the guide is done so in a way that makes it very easy to read and even easier to apply the information to one’s life. From tips in fashion to long-term dating rules, Olori’s uses her own life as a starting point to help readers to gauge a  better insight set on not only higher profits, but a overall healthy and happy personal life. Set aside from the monetary success Ms. Swank as seen in her life time. She makes it very clear that success is not something that comes without it’s scars. It will take sacrifice, persistence, and at times down right struggle to get where one needs to be. Although when one is true to their own “unicorn” self, continued  success is only a matter of time rather than an impossible feat.

This positive attitude helps me focus on every good thing that has happened in my life so far and the awesome things I can accomplish if I just stick with it.

Olori can live the Swank life because it’s authentically her. Follow the guide, strengthen who you are, and in no time you’ll be able to life that’s all your own too!

You may even write your own guide 🙂



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