Spring Gems

It’s been awhile since I posted my last monthly gems but I am back after a two month hiatus…gems wise at least. This time I will be highlighting my top Spring gems from the months of March and April.

With nice weather comes new trends, new bags, trips and just fun. I love the Spring time and it’s weather but this Spring I have found a few gems that will surely get me through the nice weather months!

bcbg bag1My BCBG Le boy¬†bag I found in one of my favorite places… Marshalls for $34.99, is an amazingly similar dupe to the quilted Boy Chanel bag. I love this bag and the color is so versatile it can be worn all seasons. It gives a luxury feel without the luxury price and I just HAD to have it.

body oil

I also went on vacation for my birthday during April and came across some new ESSENTIALS that I fell in love with during my vacation. If you’re going to the beach what do you want to do to your skin? Oil up! I found this gem, the Neutrogena Body Oil in Target while stocking up on toiletries for my trip. I bought three of these small bottles for $1.49 and two of them was all I needed for my beach getaway.


This next gem saved my life at the last minute! I usually try to stick to a carry-on but because I am a overthinking procrastinator I bought this bad boy at Walmart literally just hours before my trip the Coleman Ration Hardside Rolling Suitcase. I didn’t want to change any delays due to my luggage being overweight. This stylish hard-shell roller luggage was only $60 and definitely worth the money!

african black soap


You guys know I love a good skin care product but this here! It’s amazing! I have told you guys before about Ambi’s black soap but Shea Moisture’s black soap is moisturizing (duh) and it definitely refreshes and brighten’s skin. LOVE LOVE LOVE this gem! I found this one at Ulta while on a routine beauty run for $4! Well worth it.

hand cream

I found this gem while checking out in Ulta. I have been wanting to try Soap and Glory for awhile so I decided to try their hand butter,The Righteous Butter. This stuff is like magic, a little goes a LONNNG way! This gem cost me $4 bucks and let metell you I will be restocking every time I find myself in Ulta!

These are just some of the products I am really enjoying this Spring season and I know from one product junkie to another there will be so many more to try! Until next time!

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