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Although we didn’t do any sipping we got a lot of juice while attending Cocktails with Claire. I know many of you have heard of Fashion Bomb Daily, the online magazine founded by Claire Sulmers who keeps us in the know regarding fashion and style trends. Alhough for those of you who don’t know, The Harvard graduate started Fashion Bomb Daily in 2006 and has been slaying our lives with her Goldie locs ever since.

As soon as Friday Juice heard about Cocktails with Claire  and the AMAZING panel we knew we had to attend this event! The panel included Claire Sulmers herself, Miss Diddy  (promoter, brand developer of LA), Angela Yee (radio personality from the Breakfast Club), Yandy Smith (tv personality and avid. “Hustltrepnuer”), Ty Tyrone (Beyonce’s stylist), DJ Kitty Kash and Alicia Quarles (E! host).


With this in mind, Kori and I decided we would give you guys the Free juice on the event by breaking down our top panelists and their shining moments.


My top three panelists were DJ Kitty Kash, Angela Yee and Yandy Smith-Harris. Each and every one of the panelists were amazing, but those three were the ones that dropped jewels I will now use to continue my stride in becoming a successful entertainer and brand.

Angela Yee: “It should never be about the money, money will come.”

DJ Kitty Kash: “You are always representing your brand.”

“When you go to an event 95% of the people there are working, don’t be the person too turned up, and drinking and wonder why you’re not getting the job.”

Yandy Smith-Harris: ” If I don’t hustle then I don’t eat.”

Honorary mention with a bomb gem, Miss Diddy: “A leader is not a leader without a follower.”

As a young woman striving for success, each panelist came to the event sharing real stories regarding their grind. It’s not going to be easy, and it’s not about the glitz and glam but about the hard work and dedication you put into your craft! That is what I took away from this experience and will continue to value during my journey.

Kori London

I pulled some great advice from everyone on the panel and couldn’t decide upon my top three so I’ll be giving  you a gem from every guest that was upon the stage.

FullSizeRender (8)


Jam’e Jackson (The Blonde Misfit)jame-jackson-cocktails-with-claire-d.c. This was the moderator of the event who spoke on the topic of not having your friends/family support while trying to break into the entertainment industry. She made one of the most profound points of positioning your passion beyond the surface level idea of what people perceive it to be. Touching on a career in fashion specifically, she mused on the point that  fashion goes behind the tangible view of “just” clothes. Instead, it  extends itself toward conversations of cultural misappropriation where having a career in fashion becomes important because not only do you become an expert in the conversation, but furthermore you’ll be in a position to actually  enact a solution! This viewpoint  helped everyone in the room to remember that no matter the career or field we decide to claim as our own, once we claim it, it is up to us to define our role in it.

Alicia QuarlesAQWith a impressive resume that any aspiring correspondent would dream of. The most important message I got from her was the point of becoming a “jack-of-all-trades” in terms of where you want to go in your career and where you’re starting from. Because behind all  the glamour is the struggle leading up to it, and in terms of your longevity in any career space  you must prepare yourself to know as many roles as possible.

Kitty Kash-kittykash This young woman made me such a fan for her on Saturday, because she spoke sooooo much realness in terms of career struggles and perspectives that I really could just do a single  post on her. Although because I know you guys reading this have a short attention span, I’ll just say that my greatest gem from her was to “manifest what you want to happen”. Instead of just focusing on the bigger picture it’s important to really recognize every small opportunity to put yourself that much closer to your bigger aspirations. Live, speak, and be the dream that you see for yourself and in no time you’ll be beyond what you ever could expect.

Claire Sulmers-Displaying FullSizeRender.jpgCC “2000 and 2 people” That’s all she had when making the decision to move to Paris to begin working at Paris Vogue and the reality of that struggle points more towards her determined focus on her ultimate decision. Although her funds were limited and she didn’t have the most comfortable situation in moving across the country. Her persistent  focus on her decision to pursue a career in fashion is the reason she can hosts events like these and runs her Online Magazine publication Fashion Bomb Daily.

Ty Tyrone- TTOne of the most IMPORTANT  things we young, talented, and fresh faces in the industry need to remember is that “the goal is to get paid for your passion”. He drilled home the very true and relevant advice that there is a time to intern and there is a time to make profit. Always be willing and open to provide help, but remember in the end you want to make your living off this. In getting paid for our passion we must commit to building a solid career focus,maintaining a humble heart, and extending kindness to everyone. These three things will build a solid foundation for what should be a steady stream of checks.

Angela Yee- YY Being on one of the most popular and controversial morning shoes in history. Yee gave the most relevant advice on “investing in learning” and “being on time and ON!”. Longevity in the entertainment industry depends on continued investment in yourself and making a habit to come prepared and on time to do your job. Yee’s main point to the young entrepreneurs in attendance was to never stop building and looking for new areas to expand your career.

Yandy Smith-Harris – SHOne of the things that draws people to Yandy is her tenacity to always represent her brand no matter the situation she’s put in. She had a very strong voice and presence throughout the entire event, not to mention the beautiful Skylar who came and stole the show. Although one of the most defining moment of the event was when Yandy said, “Man’s rejection may be God’s protection.” That has defined why she has been able to curate a brand, by knowing how to move past and around the “no’s”. As an entrepreneur “no” is something that will be a common utterance that one can no longer perceive as a road block. Instead “no” is where the entrepreneur has to become creative to work around that “no”and produce a “yes”.  Business and branding is a moving entity but when you can embrace it’s ever moving parts and decide that you and what your building fills a void that you can only fill than you’re one step closer to carving out your space in the entertainment industry.

Miss Diddy- DDLast but certainly not least Miss Diddy let the room know that in everything you do, “be organic”, “structure your work”, and know that “you’re not a leader without a follower”. That boils down for me the importance of knowing what it is YOU DO, recognize that, and invest in yourself to do that a million times better. While in the same token recognizing your weakness and investing in that area by educating yourself where you lack and if possible bringing in another entity who can do that better than you while all the while you’re able to learn through their expertise.


The event was inspiring because it let all the women and men in the room know that breaking into the industry is not about  breaking down the person beside you. Although there were countless bloggers, musicians, and writers in attendance. Shalonda and I can rest assured that we were the  only dynamic duo that can create crazy and fun podcasts, thought provoking articles that can make you smile, and provide an online lifestyle guide  fit for the erratic moments we all have in our lives. Thank you to the amazing women who were in attendance, we both truly learned a lot. To our new and old readers the Free Juice will be continuing…



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