Juicy Reads:Maximize the Moment: God’s Action Plan For Your Life

We’ve been talking quarter year struggles and turning lemons to lemonade over here at Friday Juice. Although in the midst of my struggle to not only reward myself for all that I’ve accomplished this quarter of the year, but recoup and  do it all again entering the half way point . A gift from my mother in the form of T.D. Jakes Maximize the Moment: God’s Action Plan For Your Life has me recharged with a plan for the next set of goals I need to accomplish while remaining steadfast in the idea that “today is the day that the lord has made, I will be glad and rejoice in it”. Which is just poetry for remembering not to forget to enjoy the present day while planning for the next.

Now if most of you guys aren’t aware…I’m a pretty fast reader. If i’m not too busy,I can finish a book in about a day or two and be ready to move on to the next. Although this book is so thought-provoking and soul-seeking in terms of figuring out what you’re own prescribed destiny is, realizing where you are in relation to it, and the spiritual and physical steps one needs to take to reach their “destination”. That it has taken me THREE WEEKS to read this.It was just that after every chapter I found myself spending time with my journal and working through my issues that had me so weary. I wanted to do the spiritual homework of training my soul that adversity, trials, and set-backs come. Although it is only when you trust and accept the unique gifts and personality characteristics that GOD has given you. That you are able to curate a PLAN fit for where you are in Life to reach your end.

The book is so compact and personal for each individual that reads it, that even in these brief words i’m not doing it justice. Although for anybody struggling right now in there life to figure things out no matter the age, sex, or race. I personally want to let you know that this book can help you  to renew your soul in order for you  to get back up and headed on YOUR path to YOUR prescribed destiny.

As someone who truly respects and admires and can further attest to better understanding of the Word of God that comes through Td. Jakes ministry. I truly recommend this book to you, your friends, or just someone you know whose lost. My mother who is truly EVERYTHING to me saw that I needed to get back on track no matter how much I claimed i was tired but would get back up. Because she knew that the longer you sit out from what it is you want to do the longer you get to  tell yourself you don’t have to ever  get back in the game.

We are only a few days from mothers day and all that I can say is Mommy I love you for randomly thinking of me one day in Barnes and Nobles (lol). This book such as his others that inhabit my book shelf always provide me with the words of encouragement I need to seek out my bible and prepare my soul for the physical work that is required in order to get where one wants to go. This book is most definitely a MUST-READ!




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