Stalking & Snapchat

I like to consider my self a well-researched individual. Such as I researched all my colleges, my first car, and my current job.I made sure to the best of my ability that I knew all that there is to know about the thing I potentially wanted. So it’s a no-brain-er that when it comes to a love interest, potential situation-ship, or pending bae I make sure to do MY RESEARCH. By research I’m talking his Facebook, Instagram, kik, vine (old videos are great in tracking his growth), Soundcloud, etc. I mean, when I like you it’s only real after I’ve been able to piece together the social media to who you are when I see you.  May sound creepy but yet it makes me comfortable.*sigh*. I’m a control freak. Although in terms of situation-ships, love, and lust. SNAPCHAT has created a HUGE dilemma to my research strategy.


Research is only credible when it has a control factor. In this innocent semi-stalking that You  (even if you don’t want to admit it) and I do, the control factor is his ignorance. If he knows that were watching than he’ll use it to his advantage. Additionally we will seem too pressed, and yes ladies if you watch too many of his snaps and he’s not watching yours, then you will be thirsty!!!

I hate snapchat.I hate snapchat.I hate snapchat.I hate snapchat.I hate snapchat.

When a boy gives me his snapchat as the main source of communication. Automatically I smell a cheater, manipulator, or a combination of the both. He want’s to control the conversation. He needs to know I want to see him. He wants to know how many times I replayed the video he sent to me to match it to my earlier inquiry of “WYD”. A boy all about Snapchat most likely has a girlfriend. He most likely gets off knowing you make it a point to watch his story. And most importantly He wants to confirm your thirsty by you asking yourself these questions  as you press the load button and watch all his snaps  anyway…



**Where is my copy of Solving Single, Spring is here and the real life potential of a Summer fling has got me doing #basica things**

i give up

Do you agree? Are watching all of his snaps thirsty???


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