Juicy Finds: La Belle Femme Body Butter

When It comes to smooth skin, I’m team #allthewayin. Being that skin is the largest organ on the human body it’s a no-brainier that I’m always on the hunt to locate the perfect moisturizer to make sure my skin is at it’s best (aside from my daily consumption of water and my struggle to eat a healthy balanced diet).

Although I’ve  given up on the majority of commercial lotions  to serve my skin needs. As I would often feel dry  later on in the day after their use, and have since found better results in the use of natural oils, Shea and coco butter. I’m still naturally curious on some of the best hidden skin “gems” that are on the market, and with the arrival of my March Essence Beauty Box I’ve found a new skin love in the La Belle Femme body butter.

What I love about this product … 

  1. Non-greasy
  2. light-weight
  3. A little goes a long way
  4. All Natural products used
  5. They have scents geared towards men and women

Hailing from a house with two siblings with Eczema. I’ve learned a few key lessons in knowing a great body butter from all the rest, and these products will NOT disappoint. The formula is crystallized such as most body butters,  but immediately on contact with your finger-tips as you work it into your skin it glides on as smoothly as an oil without feeling as though you’re LITERALLY slathering yourself in vegetable grease.

 I had the pleasure of testing out the body butter in Pomegranate Kiss, and what I enjoyed  was the fact that the scent was light but last. While it additionally was able to  pair seamlessly with one of my perfumes that was also infused with pomegranate. That was a major plus for those of us who still want to use our other scented perfume and hand lotions, but want a great body butter for full body moisture

My skin has felt soft all day, and I can’t stop raving on how exceptional this product was for me and my skin and how I know it will be for you too.


Thank you Essence Beauty Box and thank you La Belle Femme.

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