Juicy Reads: The Women Of Brewster Place

Sometimes we all need to unplug. I do that through my love for  fiction that  has always lead me to keep my nose in a book and my mind on someone else’s story. Whether it be a podcast, a self-help book, or an enticing online article sometimes I need have to get away from my realities. I don’t want to talk being a creative, living in the age of social media, or becoming one of the greatest icons (#goals) of all time. I just want to lose my self in the thoughts, perceptions, and happenings of a character unlike myself in a world somewhat different than mines. I time travel, and I do it through fiction. It just so happens that this week’s juicy read brought me back a few decades and got me a lot more familiar with The Women of Brewster Place.

Having devoured the movie of the same name and leaving unsatisfied and in search of more. I immediately went on Amazon (thanked God I was a prime member) and within 2 days I was holding this American Gloria Naylor Classic in my hand’s crying ceil’s tears, feeling Matties anguish,  and Cora’s blues, while drinking Ben’s “Friday Juice”. It’s a story of 7 women and within those 7 stories you find your self amidst their internal turmoil wishing that within a turn of a couple pages and the end of their short story, happiness awaits. Although with all except maybe  two women’s stories, the fate of the rest of the women living  amongst this  socially constructed  dead end block, dies among the bricks of the wall that cut’s Brewster Place off from the rest of the city.

This book is disturbing, because the stories and “truths” that unfold can answer a lot of the questions people have for many cast members of Love & Hip Hop or any of today’s most popular reality shows. To understand why they can love a man who always leave, never want to commit to a man or relationship, or just live the life you may find to “ungodly” to live. These stories amongst these 180 pages forces you to go a little deeper and when you do, you’ll see that much like the 7  female stories that the book intends to tell, that you can’t tell her story without a few others.

I know you’re waiting on me to spell the book out to you or possibly really sell you on why you should read it ?

Although this is a great book i’m not going to do that  this time around, because when dealing with fiction and dealing with the individual understanding of another’s persons  thoughts and feelings, conclusion’s on characters and situations WILL vary. And the tears I cried for my four favorite characters, may not be the same tears you cry for another four characters.

With some books I’m going to take you to the wall, but with this one i’m leaving it up to you if you want to  climb over it.

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