The Spill: Chelsea Does on Netflix

Chelsea Handler is known for her dirty jokes and wild sense of humor. She has written a number of hysterically funny books about her life including Are You There Vodka It’s Me Chelsea, Uganda be Kidding Me, and Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me. It shouldn’t surprise you that she has a hilariously relatable¬†docuseries about things we all deal with on a day to day.

I had seen a mention about the series while doing my usual web browsing and decided to watch because hey who doesn’t want a good laugh.

The Chelsea Does documentary series is about Chelsea’s views on conquering things she either struggles with in her own personal life or is struggling to understand. All of these topics are front page story worthy in the newspapers today. From the discussion of marriage, to drugs, racism and figuring out technology, Chelsea is determined to get ¬†better understanding of these topics and how they fit into her life. Not to mention she had me hysterically crying more than enough times throughout each episode.

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Chelsea Does… Marriage:

In the Chelsea does marriage documentary she discusses her apprehension of marriage and how she feels she is now ready to be with someone. Many people have their own views of marriage but Chelsea goes straight to the pros, small children, older married couples, a famous wedding chapel in Vegas, a match maker agency and oh not to mention Ashley Madison’s CEO. In the end I actually learned a lot, while being entertained and getting a grasp on the true value of marriage.

Chelsea Does…Racism:

Many people struggle with knowing what it truly is to be racist in this country. With the endless headlines of young black men being killed by law enforcement and continuous strides made by the #blacklivesmatter movement to alter the attitudes of racism in this country Chelsea sought out to become more educated in the evolution of racism. She sat down with Reverend Al Sharpton, visited a plantation and went on a tour of LA’s many diverse neighborhoods. She seems very intuitive of what is going on around her and being self educated in experiences bared by others outside of her own.

Chelsea Does…Silicon Valley:

In a world that is so heavily focused on technology Chelsea establishes that she gets no instant gratification from being constantly connected to people and things through technology. She takes on the journey of her trying to gain insight on what it is to be addicted to always being connected, by joining in on a Digital Rehab session and also visiting Silicon Valley where she develops her “Gotta Go” app [I need it!].

Chelsea Does…Drugs:

Chelsea isn’t shy about expressing herself and what she has experienced first hand in life. This part of the series starts with Chelsea and a group of her friends at a dinner table eating eatables for dinner. Seems like an interesting experience as they are all high talking about being high. Chelsea takes us through her journey of experiencing different highs and going after what it is people become addicted to. In a world where addiction is at an all time high this portion of the series is the most surreal and makes you think about all the different outlets people seek to reach euphoria or just the many different highs out there.

All in all I took a lot away from the series and think it’s not only funny as all hell but informational and insightful. Chelsea takes us on this journey of personal growth with her while hitting the milestone of turning 40 and it’s an eye opening experience just from watching! I think everyone should tune into this series!

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