The Spill: Jhene Aiko & Big Sean- Twenty88

Jhene Aiko and Big Sean have both given us consistently good riding music, feeding us soulful lyrics that take us into deep thought. These two have come together to collaboratively give us a joint album with eight tracks of good vibing music. Jhene and her melodic words along with Big Sean’s melodic spoken rhymes.



Since these two transcend a#mood in their music I decided to give a mood for each track on the album including caption worthy lyrics. The album is short but sweet and can be played from beginning to end without skipping a single song.


#mood=reminiscent 🤔

1.Deja Vu

Caption Worthy Lyrics:

“I’m trying to recycle the time you’ve been waisting”

“It’s deja vu, cause I been here with you”

“I stuck around with you, while you ran around rapping nothing but those swisher sweets”

“I’m gonna come through with that action, then leave you on that mattress”


2. Selfish

Caption Worthy Lyrics:

“You know I’m from a tribe called Questions”

“You acting irreplaceable, hardly”

“I used to want to put the work in, now it feels like overtime”

“No pics, no calls, no sexting, how could you be so selfish”

“Can’t believe I stayed faithful, to someone so ungrateful”


3.On the Way

Caption Worthy Lyrics:

“That talking better turn into action as soon as I walk in”

“Been gone all day, now I need to hear you say my name”

“I need Hennessy for the preparation”

“Lingerie my favorite decoration”

“Yearning for your loving baby, I need that sh*t everyday”

#mood=sexual healing😼

4.Push It

Caption Worthy Lyrics:

“I think I can see my life in your eyes”

“I want it outside, inside, bring your outside inside”

“I wanna feel it in my soul”

“I wanna give my all to you, while taking all of you”


#mood=action only🍆

5.2 Minute Warning

Caption Worthy Lyrics:

“When i come through I’m in my zone, not that f*ckin friend zone”

“Cinnamon apple that candle scent”

“you know body language we don’t need to speak” 

“We connect on a soul level”

“Get you off, turn you on, you know I’m the only one that can activate you”

#mood=real talk😾

6.Talk Show

Caption Worthy Lyrics:

“I’m a real woman that don’t need much but appreciate a lot”

“I’m from ___ where the sun’s always shining but everyone’s shady”

“A happy home is the best ones to move in”

“You got these people inside our business like you and I is”

“I hate talking about what’s private when we’re not in private”

#mood= high nostalgic😚💨

7.Memories Faded

Caption Worthy Lyrics:

“You never played games, you played your part”
“I been on my grind you know I gotta shine to glow”

” got all these memories faded in you, with me being faded with you”

“Memories of us are getting way to old”

“Just like my crib you looking better in those heels”

#mood= Martin w/o Gina💏💑

8. London Bridges

Caption Worthy Lyrics:

“I know that everything that starts has an end”

“Like the stars, the moon, the waterfalls, decided that I’m gonna fall”

“Baby if you left it’ll be historical disaster”

“Who would have ever thought we’d fall like London Bridges”

“8 billion people in the world and I still chose the one”
“Only two times I needed you is now and forever”


As you can see Jhene and Big Sean created chemistry and put me in many moods, tell me what your moods were while listening to this amazingly emotion filled body of work in the comments below, buy it here!

Stay #Juicedup

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