Blac Chyna Lashed EyeLash Review

Who wears a full face of make-up without LASHES?

ummmm..not me.

I think one of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to eyelashes is that they are ONLY used when you want FULL ON GLAM. Although you’re wrong! Like lipstick, with every look there is a different lash available. This is something that is evident with Blac Chyna’s Lashed eyelash collection. where she offers THREE eyelash styles to accommodate three of  our the most common beauty moods.

Though before we talk lashes, let’s talk DETAILS!

As an avid eyelash wearer the reusable eyelash storing case that houses all of Blac Chyna’s eyelashes show  that Blac Chyna is a lover of details, because how often have we purchased  eyelashes, ripped them off at night, placing them in some random place, only to have to repurchase the SAME pair of lashes over and over again, because we can’t find a practical approach to storing them?

Well the solution is this amazing durable, cute, and convenient case that protects your lash and saves you a major coin!! Speaking of Coin? Blac Chyna’s premium lash retail between $6.99-$8.99 which is something all of us girls and guys can afford.

So let’s get LASHED!!

TOKYO-(Full Glam)

Just like the city in which it shares the same name, the TOKYO lash looks is intended to make your eyes pop while providing enough drama to set you apart. This is my favorite lash out of the three available, because it works great with a classic modern cat-eye, that slenderizes the face while providing the dramatic flair that will keep all eyes on you . I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people just staring in my face, until they can collect enough courage to ask what eyelashes i’m wearing. The best apart about the construction of this lash to the others is the super thick band that can act as a guide in helping the beginner eyelash wearer in terms of application. While also helping to protect the eyelashes from any unwanted glue damage.

TREASURE-(Luxury Look)

Premium Treasure

There is not a doubt in my mind that this lash-style is  NOT for the timid. Instead, this is the style for the ladies or gents who want to look like wealth, and has the attitude to pull off this bold look. The only thing I wish these lashes had that the tokyo’s do, is the thick eye lash band. I think with this unique eyelash design it’s easy to damage the lashes, and coming from some one who has had to repurchase these lashes several times because I fell asleep in them or put glue on the lashes instead of the strip, the added protection of the band would of been perfect. Although even still,  I can’t ignore how amazing this style is.

 ICE-(Natural Slay)

Premium Ice

If you are team, #fundamental also knows as the fresh face queens or minimalista’s than this eye-lash design is perfect for a subtle beauty upgrade. I do love super beauty glam but sometimes I do like to give a soft slay and these  are great for the look. I recommend bringing out those bottom lashes with your favorite mascara and doing a statement bold lip to still make sure that even with less you can still slay some more.


If I said it once, i’ll say it twice, I am a Chyna Doll because Blac Chyna knows beauty. She isn’t rushing the natural rise of her beauty line and is taking the necessary steps and attention to detail to deliver great beauty products that are affordable!

I love the lashes and moving forward, I can’t wait to see more styles!

Are you looking to get lashed?009


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