Black Radiance True Complexion Contour Palette Review

One of the most sought out products on the market in search of the ultimate glow is Black Radiance’s True Complexion Palette.  At the ever impressive retail price of $7.99 it’s not to hard to understand why. The palette comes  in 2 options (light to medium and medium to dark). Being the beauty glam junkie that I am, I made my way up to Walmart and as it destined to be I was able to snag the last contour palette in medium to dark.

Making sure that I would provide the most accurate review I wanted my base (foundation) to be Black Radiance Truce Complexion foundation. The Black Radiance True Complexion Foundation is a staple in my beauty bag, so I wasn’t hard to locate when it was time to test out the contour palette.

black rad

One of the most obvious things about the contour palette is it doesn’t have an actual “highlighter”. Now as you can see be the image below that it does provide a beautifully pigmented shimmer as a “highlight”. Although like me and most females I need a setting  powder that acts as my lighter contour shade for my nose, under eyes, and forehead. The palette does provide a “sculpt” color but at least for me and my skin tone that doesn’t sculpt much of anything.

The good news is that with the palette only being $7.99 or if your already a makeup lover in possession of your go-to lighter setting powder this won’t be too much of an issue. Although if your new to makeup and was looking for this palette to provide everything yo need, than this could be an issue.

It’s why I think the title of this product is a little misleading. Instead of it being called a “contour” palette I believe that it should be denoted as a highlight or illuminator kit. To Black Radiance defense, the product does state that

Black Radiance® True Complexion™ Contour Palette highlights, shapes and sculpts facial features for naturally enhanced definition

So it could be that with “natural” they’re not looking for the more intricate contour. Whereas, the under eye highlight is not the focus. Which is understandable, but still may baffle a customer informed by the popular Youtube guru “how-to’s”, when they realize the palette doesn’t have the lighter under eye color like they do.

Though moving past that detail, I love the contour shade and how it really creates the definition needed to prepare the cheek for the highlight shimmer. The colors are really pigmented and once the colors are fully settled on top of your choice of base (I again, used black radiance true complexion foundation) they have a great wear-ability to have you glowing for the majority of the day!


I love this palette, it’s a great beauty steal and can coordinate into the more beginner or more advanced girl summer beauty regimen!brim


Until next time loves, stay #juicedup

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