Rehab: Social Media Connection

We live in a world where people are more infatuated with the idea of getting information instantly and consistently, like popping  pop corn and over sharing like wing worms in a sandbox.


In the era of social media we have access to so many things including a glimpse into our favorite celebrities and socialites lives via Instagram, Twitter and SnapChat, but when is enough, enough? When do we know we’ve had too much popcorn or played in the sand too long?


Currently social media has been in an uproar regarding two very public love “triangles“. Tara Wallace, Amina Buddafly and Peter Gunz and Khelani, Partynextdoor, and Kyrie Irving.

Relationships whether friendships or sexual it’s important to keep your private moments to yourself and not let the world see your troubles. Social media is a mask that portrays positivity and hungry but prays on the weak and impressionable.

People in this generation are consumed with over sharing and making things accessible to the public. This does nothing for their appearance in the media. People become obsessed with what people think of them and put their lives out in social media for validation.

People use social media to validate what their lives should be like, where they should be, #relationshipgoals #bodygoals #friendshipgoals people should do less sharing and more living. Social media shouldn’t validate how you feel or where you are in your life, but giving people the opportunity to pass judgements on your life through a small window via the social media.


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