The Spill: Lil Kim Season

I had previously warned you guys that Lil Kim was up to something. I specifically said, it’s not like her to just start randomly dropping music,  and low and behold, 2 weeks after that post went live, Lil Kim let the world know it was #Lilkimsseason. Below I give you a track by track break down of this 10-track mixtape that was released officially on 03/28/2016 . So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and get THE SPILL on the Queen Bee’s latest project


FOUNTAIN BLEU The return of the iconic intros!!! When I heard Kim and her best friend MiMi  speaking spanglish  while plotting on getting their sweet ***** sucked. I literally  started tearing up. Muva is really showing you how to RUN OFF ON THE PLUG TWICE! While letting you know that wealthy gutter bitch outta  public housing can take this current Plies created hit and give the females and their friends a catchy-boss bitch summer pre-turn up anthem. The lyrics are bold, bad, and BROOKLYN! Great start to #lilkimseason.



CUT IT (BEE-MIX)-This is a bar-heavy 2016 KIM! She got the wave like Caifornia and rides this beat smoothly while letting you know “I’m solid gold, they gold plated. These basic bitches so overrated. They whole life be fabricated. Please cut it, amputate it!” If anybody has questions about Kim’s ability to give nothing but bars on to of bars on a SINGLE verse than  they NEED TO CUT ITOUT!!!! IMG_9255

BLOW A CHECK-The LEGENDARY but yet fresh Bad Boy Family, Diddy, French Montana and THE  forever  reigning rap Queen Bee, show you that the Cannon on me but this ain’t no camera on me. I ain’t with da bullshit all my niggas shootin like they guardin Gotti. It’s time for a long-over due family reunion and they’re hear to show us how to RUN THROUGH THE MONEY…RUN! IMG_9231

SUMMER SIXTEEN (BEE-MIX)– Kim and Drake may have had their issues a few years ago but a Queen is never afraid to pair with excellence to let Drake know he may rep the 6, but the Queen has the whole BK out here like a football team. As a major supporter and Queen of her city, it only makes since she show’s love to the undisputed King of the 6.FullSizeRender (6)

DIEGOI’M NOT GOING TO HOLD YOU! I promise you i’m not, but this song RIGHT HERE!!! YESSSSSSS!!! THEY CALL ME BLANCO THEY TREAT ME JUST LIKE GRISELDA NIGGA!! I can’t stop playing this, Blanco (for all of who don’t know) is trap Kim and I LOVE THIS SONG where trap Kim is introducing herself perfectly!!!! After bumping this real loud you’ll see why they call her Blanco!FullSizeRender (5)

WORK (BEE-MIX)-Kim girl, I love you but i absolutely HATE when you sing with auto tune like this. Caribbean Kimmy would of been perfect for the first half of this track *sigh.But anyway around the 2:00 mark where kim starts rapping semi-Lighter’s up style I could possibly  see her pairing up with Rihanna to hop on the official WORK remix! FullSizeRender (1)

MINE (extended)– As most  of you read my original review, this song just grows on me with every listen. Kevin Gates gutter riff with Blanco’s silky croon on this beat becomes infectious and a permanent stain  in your mind, where you find your self too amp  and ready to rap Kim’s verse! With Kim’s added hook at the latter end of the track, the extra vocals adds an extra umph  to the song where I could see it being played continuously on the radio if given the perfect push.FullSizeRender (2)

DID IT FOR BROOKLYN–  I did a WHOLE post centered around this track, so make sure you check it out here! I do just want you to  know that  she show’s love she don’t hate bitches, makes shoes outta you snake bitches, might dress the same but we taste different, protein, shake bitches!FullSizeRender

PANDA (extended) Still one of my favorite bee-mixes from Kim where she just reminds you She didn’t come to play she came to Slay! With the assistance of her two artist DASH and TLZ along with her former lover Maino you’re introduced to the Royal Brooklyn Family.FullSizeRender (4)

THAT BITCH- This is probably the only track that I think should of been left exclusively on her sound cloud. The power of her lyrics, and flow on the previous 9 other tracks severely out-weigh this track. It’s not that it’s bad, but in comparison to the others it”s forgetful.FullSizeRender (7)


It a solid tape with many catch-phrases and quotable lyrics that has this legendary queen back on track with the today’s  current flow of music. I was seriously so sad to hear it end sooooo soon, but then I read an exclusive interview Lil Kim did with Billboard where she let it be known…


FullSizeRender (3)

**make sure you listen or download here

Until then stay #juicedup!

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