The Spill: K Michelle- More Issues than Vogue

If you’re a K. Michelle fan you know she can capture all the hurt and pain of a broken soul like no other. Countless hits sending you into melodic rehab after dealing with your seasonal f*ckboy. From her ratchet mixtape days, where she gave the real giving names and assigning dirty laundry to her now journey to find honest love she has never been afraid to let her skeletons out. This album is no different from the past in quality including Anyone Wanna Buy A Heart, and Rebellious Soul, the songstress can still pull the weakest soul to bellowing out her lyrics while recovering from a f*ckboy. My top 5 picks from the album below.

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  1. These Men- Too many men STILL don’t get it. It gets to a point where  you get tired of the same bullsh*t with different guys aka the f*ckboy. K continuously delivers the perfect message of what many women are going through. This track highlights the struggles of dealing with a ain’t sh*t man and being ready to move on.
  2. Nightstand- Guess I gotta please myself… yes it gets to the point when you no longer care and you keep a little friend on your nightstand and your coin is your #1 priority, no time for shenanigans
  3. Ain’t You- When you’re down for that one dude, and you got that liquid courage and you want it to be known you’re down for each other… talk that ish K. 
  4. Not a Little- Moving on is difficult but after dealing with consistent emotional damage can be disheartening to the soul. K captures the hurt  done to the soul of a woman ready to move on and finally okay with being alone. 
  5. Got’em Like- If you’re really feeling yourself, like you got the juice this is the song for you. Feeling like when you walk through the club all eyes on you and a dude who isn’t worth your time approaches and you gotta let’em know your not one of these regular degulars… Got’em like DAMN DAMN

Two things you can’t get back are words and time. Tell me how to find somebody who’s going to be on time. – Time (honorary top track)


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