Juicy Reads: Year OF Yes

She’s learned not to compromise. She’s learned not to settle. She’s learned, as difficult as it is how to be her own sun.

Being exceptional isn’t always easy. I remember watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy where Meredith’s mother, who was suffering from an early on-set of Alzheimer’s, had to remind her exceptional child of her greatness by asking,  “WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? 

It is probably one of the most iconic moments on Grey’s anatomy that briefly showcases the change in perspective that prompted Shonda Rhimes  to begin a new legacy of “yes” .  In this book you learn that Yes, goes further than doing the things that society say’s we all should do in order to have a “fuller life”. Instead, yes is scary. Yes, makes you cry . Yes, ultimately made Shonda face the harsh reality that she was living an ordinary life although she had been raised to be EXCEPTIONAL!

That makes  Year of Yes, an exceptional journey of a woman redefining the lens thorugh which she see’s the world. The transformation isn’t easy, sometimes Shonda isn’t so nice, but after all she entails  you really begin to understabd why the warmth of standing in her own sun is the reason why this woman owns Thursday nights on ABC.


Year Of Yes is bold, it’s unapologetic, and it’s one of the greatest book that I’ve had the opportunity to read that has helped me to gain a stronger sense of self.

I say YES YES YES to Shonda Rhimes, YEAR OF YES, and you should too!




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