Keeping it Off with Kataba Anderson

Do you and your boyfriend share a whole pizza? If not it’s relationship goals. At least for those of us who love the savory taste of pizza! Well this young woman USED to do this and now she has made MAJOR changes.

We got a chance to sit down with a very hardworking person, Kataba Anderson. She gave us the inside scoop on how she lost 137 pounds! Yes that’s what I said 1-3-7 POUNDS over the course of 2 years! Many of you may have read my body goals article [if not you can read it here] where I spoke about some body inspirations, including some that are consistent “gym rats” and some that had full body transformations. Indeed Kataba has had a full transformation going from 350 lbs to 213 lbs. 11059592_879654815403014_6085514933089909492_n

Kataba chats with us about her weight loss, her reasons for wanting to embark on this journey and the changes it has had in her life.

Check out PART I of her interview here [if you cannot view from your phone]

Outside of her body transformation Kataba is an aspiring entrepenuar and isn’t letting anything stop her from paving a way for herself and her family. PART II of the interview is coming soon, where she expresses her desire and strive to become a successful business owner.

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