The Spill- Cardi B: Gangsta B*tch Music Vol. 1

Wassh Poppin everyone! Yes today I am confessing my love for the hood oracle Cardi B! The ex-stripper, social media personality, and reality star decided to add a new title to her resume…RAPPER!

If you’ve been following Cardi as long as I have then you know she is a real one. She’s definitely a character but never has she not been 100 about her lifestyle, her goals and position in the community.

Just like everyone else I was skeptical bout the rapping thing but I was going to support the mixtape regardless because I love Cardi. My skepticism soon went away and I was pleasantly surprised!


Top 5:

1.Wash Poppin– “I need like $10k right now”… Yass Cardi as do I, everyone who has been following Cardi knows this is her coveted catch phrase and this song is “poppin”

2.On Fleek- I think my favorite line in this one is “I don’t do nothing for free you know I gotta charge.” Everyone always wants a “favor” but don’t want to compensate you for your services, I LOVE Cardi she speaks what everyone is afraid to say.

3.Trust Issues- We all have trust issues, just flex on them, kill them, go Fab on them, they send shots but swear they miss, Cardi isn’t looking for any new friends on this one.

4.Foeva- this phrase had everyone wanting to know just who Cardi B was, after hearing her on the Love and Hip Hop NY trailer saying, if you beef with her you have a beef FOEVA

5.Lit Thot- ” I A-L-T, control, delete, and get your a** removed. If you ain’t talking about money $$ I’m pitching nothing but curves”. East Coast Lit Thot, Cardi giving it up real on this one, not one f*ck is given on this entire mixtape.

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