No New Friends? Friendships Part I

“Friends! How many of us have them?”

After listening to Kanye’s Real Friends track from his¬†The Life of Pablo¬†album featuring Ty Dolla Sign, it ignited a self reflection moment within me. I began to realize just how many “friends” I have and the value they have in my life.

As we grow and change as people we grow out of clothes, out of shoes and definitely grow out of people. Priorities begin to take over your “turn up” time, some things don’t seem fun to you anymore and you begin to realize you’re just different. Everyday phone calls turn into every other day, to once a week, until there aren’t anymore phone calls.


Life events begin to happen and the invites begin to get “lost in the mail”, and those day ones begin to become “forgotten ones”. New friendships begin to blossom and sometimes people can’t handle the changes in friendship values.

I’ve learned to categorize my “friends” in terms of value in my life. Just like many young motivated adults I’m busy so I’ve become choosy who I spend my leisure time with. Some friends no longer fit into the lifestyle you’re building for yourself and that’s OKAY! Those you surround yourself with become apart of who you are, and it is important to surround yourself with people who can influence the life you want to live. I have friends I enjoy functioning with, friends I talk about personal life situations with and business savvy friends. Having friends for different things makes life fulfilling.

I think it’s important to always evaluate the people in your life and their impact on you. Hopefully you’ve gained a good perspective on the evolution of friendship.

Part II- Loyalty is Everything?

coming soon…

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