A B.I.G Gift From Queen Bee- #DidItForBrooklyn

Real life tears are running down my face as I write this.

My love for Lil Kim is known, documented, and will one day be televised and like the reason we breathe air it can’t be explained. That women and her influence in not just the world of Hip-Hop, but fashion, and human rights makes her an iconic figure in which i’m just glad to be a witness. In particular with today (03/09/2016)being the day we celebrate the genius that is The Notorious BIG . His ONLY female rap artist and ONLY female-rap collaborator (this is ALL FACTS), the Queen Bee herself is here to let you know that her strength and resilience to continue to make music and survive the slander you haters SPEW at her is because like BIG she #diditforbrooklyn. With the help of another Brooklynite himself (Maino), The one and ONLY QUEEN BEE is here to begin another reign!tumblr_nqosg46mL11rhrfpzo2_r1_500

Another reign?


YESS! You heard me right my Kimberley  is known to never release music on time, never the less back to back, minus last summer in which she had to remind you all that she is indeed the QUEEN BEE AND FLAWLESS. Although within these past  three weeks she has released not 1 but 4 new songs and a new video, and with this new body of work I know my MUVA is up to something!

Let’s take  look at her first recent release featuring Kevin Gates entitled MINE!


This song was a clear ode to the Future generation where we see Kim adapting and establishing her sultry trap flow. Being a huge advocate of Lil Kim’s more classic hardcore flow I struggle with her leaving outside that mold. Though with each sober listen I like this, and as with Future’s music  I find my self loving this in the wee hours of the morning when a combination of lime-a-ritas, vodka, and henny hit me hard and I’m just happy to be intoxicated! (please drink responsibly) Don’t get me wrong I love this because it grabs the attention of another audience outside of her core  fan base though I would be lying if I didn’t  say I wanted more.


The lord said ask and you shall receive and CHILEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I literally was sharing this link like a mad woman!!!! She went soooooooo hard i couldn’t breathe. Time Stopped. She was literally perfection and if i have your number in my contact list you know for a FACT you got that 911 text to head to her SOUNDCLOUD immediately and get into the BEST panda remix out (anybody who wants to argue this feel free to contact me directly at korilondon@fridayjuice.net because i’m not opposed nor hesitant  to debate this)!


Shortly after that the AUCTION visual came out and Diddy knows he disrespected the entire BEEHIVE  by giving Kim a 5th of a bar, but she looked amazing and I was just happy to see her back doing OFFICIAL music videos because it’s honestly been a while, and by the looks of allllll the comments on youtube being about Kim I think you’d agree too!

But when they say they save the best for last they weren’t lyingDID IT

#DidItBrooklyn is a balance of all 3 of Kim’s recent tracks and shows that not only does she has the capacity to create music that can compete in today’s market but she can do it being the ORIGINAL QUEEN BEE!! Last post I asked if the real Queen Bee would stand up and KIMBERLEY DENISE JONES , the mother of Royal Reign Jones-Hernandez, I see you standing girl I see you standing and like you said…

You didn’t come to play you came to slay


*For informational purposes I include youtube links for you to get your life with the Queen’s new music, but PLEASEEEEEEEEE PLEASEEEEE PLEASEEEEEE don’t be a theft and purchase MINE & Did it for Brooklyn on itunes now!*




Until we meet again or I’m in Alpine, New Jersey interviewing Kim while Royal runs around the mansion, stay #juicedup and know



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