Coloured Raine Matte Lip Paint Review

In a world of lipsticks claiming to be matte and even worse claiming to be long-lasting, I have finally found the one of the BEST matte liquid lipsticks that  will provide us with all our needs!




You guys know i’m a stickler about my shipping. I meannnn I don’t know about YOU but when I pay  for my products , I not only DEMAND but EXPECT I get stuff in 3-5 business days! I am an extremely impatient individual and if I have to wait for the things I PAID for then my ultimate outlook on  the product decreases significantly for everyday that the mail man doesn’t arrive.  Though I say all of that to say this, with Coloured Raine you HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT! The shipping was standard (3-5 bussiness days) and they immediately send you confirmation of when your items are shipped out with tracking information.

Color Options

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One of the major factors that drew me to this company was that the color options they have are so expansive. If you want to  work something bold like IVY or something more precious like OOH LA LA than Coloured Raine has you covered. I ultimately decided on 

TOOTSIE because it resembled Rihanna recent lipstick  during her appearance on Ellen tootsierih toots


SPIKED PUNCHbecause who doesn’t want to have the perfect contour with perfect orange lip this summer! spikedpunchpunch

<3 OF STONEbecause every girl needs a gray lipstick in the stash



The lipsticks glide on just like a paint (hence the reason they call them matte lip paints) but in about 5-7 minutes when they dry the color comes off as it shows in the tube and it has a velvety smooth finish. The only thing to remember ladies when applying these matte lipsticks is that your lips need to be FULLY moisturized. I really can’t stress that enough, because with these amazing lipsticks that retails for 17.00, why would apply something so creamy on lips so crusty?



I did experience transfer when eating and drinking, but the beauty of the whole thing was that  even with the minimal transfer, the color pay-off was amazing and I had NO REASON to reapply. Total time for wear is about 12 hours! If that’s not simply AMAZING than guys I truly don’t know what is! These lipsticks are totally Kori approved and as we speaking i’m placing an order for IVY and ROULETTE (once they re-stock..ugh)because they’ve beengive me the RIH RIH lipstick inspo I’ve been dying for!

rou rih






Until next time stay #juiced up loves!

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