The Spill- Sy Ari Da Kid

B4 The Heartbreak

So you know I’m always on a search for new things, new products, new bags, new music. While randomly searching music on Youtube I came across a channel with some Bryson Tiller, and other artists, which included Sy Ari Da Kid. I listened to a few songs and instantly wanted to hear more, know more, I was intrigued to figure out who this guy was.

After a quick handy dandy Google Search I found his mixtapes and downloaded his most recent, B4 The Heartbreak. With a title like that I knew this would be quite interesting. I listened to this mixtape 4 times! 2 times on the way to the Bryson Tiller Concert in Wallington, CT and 2 times back [experience post coming soon].


Whole mixtape is BOMB but you know I have to pick my top 5:

1. Priorities ft. Bryson Tiller– Bryson and Sy are obviously both trying to right their wrongs. Puts me in the mind of Jaheim Put that Woman First, Tank Deserve, women have their breaking point but these men are trying to get that special one back.

2. Anti Friendzone– Sy Ari is obviously a man who knows what he wants, if you ever been in a situationship or fronting on the “bro” that you secretly been lusting after this song is for you. Don’t give it to him and try to take it back, no friendzoning here

3. ChaseMoney be the only thing that I chase, swerve on them like I’m in a high speed chase I mean what else can I say, real hustlers club track type vibe for me because I don’t chase anything but this coin!

4.Closure ft Tink– Listen…listen this is the trance f*ckboys have you in back and forth looking for “closure” that leads to anything but anything being closed, just situationship fundamentals

5. Wait for Me- It’s our world he can’t kill our vibe girl, judging by your options you got hella options... I mean you’re right and I’m not going to hold you… I mean if you going to turn my man to my ex, every King needs a Corretta you say… Sy Ari knows everything to say to persuade a woman, get her smiling and gitty this mixtape will have you honoring your side joint and if they look like Sy that’s fine with me

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