Episode 11- Dr. Suess & the Whos who of Instagram

As we have spoken  before Instagram has allocated a place for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to network. Contrary to belief some of these people aren’t living, doing, or being who they portray. Some of these people use their following, and likes to big themselves up and have everyone believing success happens overnight. Well… if that was the case EVERYONE would be rich, EVERYONE would be educated and EVERYONE would be working for themselves. I mean only in a perfect world…

These “mavens” and masters of business, marketing and finance are spilling out the woodworks, telling us everything we want to hear and oh…writing about it… YES writing books, or shall I say PHAMPLETS, GUIDES, PASSAGES, to help aspiring entrepreneurs, but where is the realism? The relativity to what average people struggle and go through? You know we love a good self help book here at Friday Juice but come on…

Everything that glitters ain’t gold!

Join in on the conversation about the Dr. Suess of Instagram!


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