You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation

Now i’m pretty sure that when Beyonce released FORMATION it was indeed to educate everyone on not only her individual love of her black culture but  additionally it was a visual representation for all to unite against any act of injustice or irresponsibility towards black peoples. It was probably one of Beyonce’s most controversial videos, but most importantly it helped to  continue the conversation that equality for all doesn’t mean the continued injustice for some.

But then weird stuff like this started happening  *hidesface*


And #blacktwitter was NOT HAVING IT!

Before we get into our top  #trapcovers the issue with these “acoustic” formation covers are they white-wash the message that Beyonce was preaching and educating about and just shows a ridiculousness that is beyond belief. Everybody needs to get in formation though trying to stamp out what the conversation is all about with a guitar and an adam levinve riff just ain’t it!



To make a long story short….


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