Tis the Season to be a F*ckboy!

Oh I thought I was done with the f*ckboy topic but honey we are far from done. I know in recent news everyone has seen Jordin Sparks go through it with yet another messy breakup. Lawdddd! She has the f*ckboy flu.

Sage the Gemini posted a heartfelt post on Instagram directed to Jordin about a week ago having everyone posting how they need a Sage in their life, a guy who can right their wrongs and publicly announce their faults.


Oh but he got us goood, yes real good! After posting and deleting his heartfelt message to Jordin about his insecurities and missing her on Valentine’s day he failed to mention what was really going on, you know in basic f*ckboy fashion. This is where he got EVERY woman who asking Jordin how this f*ckboy was going to breath without air F*CKED UP!

got me fucked up

Sir…sir… why would you embarrass a woman you supposedly love like that? His ex released audio where he called his relationship with Jordin a publicity stunt. MESSSS!!!

If you EVER questioned what a f*ckboy looks like or sounds like Dominic Wynn Woods is it!

Ladies…ladies… we say no to the f*ckboy! Say NOOOOOO

Jordin is SMART for not responding to this messy, petty bullsh*t! But she wasn’t smart for giving that man $70k on a house!

This is the ultimate example of a f*ckboy! Please listen to the audio here. Steer clear of the f*ckboy!


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