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In a world where a great idea, a re-tweet, and a few  hundred likes have capitulated ordinary people to  #socialmoguls. We all have garnered the perspective that we too, can think of a great idea and follow in the ranks of these  “internet icons.” Although it’s important to understand the difference between the  people who last for 15 minutes versus 15 lifetimes . Think about it this way...you might of started a YouTube channel making gaming videos and  garnered noriority, although when you began to expand into other avenues  (say cooking)  the large audience you thought you had isn’t following. So logically you’re thinking, what’ s the problem? The problem is you never thought about the brand! You have to position yourself and whatever you’re offering for a tenure of LONGEVITY.  If you are your brand, and you knew or had an inkling that you could do more than gaming videos on YouTube, then it was up to YOU as the content creator to create OTHER CONTENT early on. This is based on the reality that as your audience builds and you continually create gaming content than you’re building a foundation of well, “just gaming” which is positioning  yourself in a corner that even  some of the major multi-million dollar brands today have a hard time getting out of. Want to begin to step out the corner and curate, redefine, and/or transform your brand? Then I truly suggest picking up Yandy Smith-Harris, The Beauty Of Branding In Business. P95ZRefs

What I like about this first installment in what she says is actually a series, is that it’ s an easy ready that helps the timid, or reserved business owner (no matter the product) to get comfortable in the early steps that should be taken when laying track for building a brand that will ultimately grow the business. For more experienced, or even the more well-researched baby entrepreneur the tips shared through-out the guide may not come off as brand new-tips, but more as validation that you’re taking the necessary steps to building a strong foundation for a long-lasting endeavor.  It’s a 25 minute-read and  for $7.00 (which is less than a burrito bowl at chiptole) YOU, your little brother, or maybe your mother can take the first steps from taking an idea and turning it into the profitable platform you hope to see one day!Love-Hip-Hop-Star-Yandy-Smith-750x522-1443737640

I was impressed by not only the quality of the information provided, but additionally the transparency that Yandy shares in her personal branding experience, such as positioning EverythingGirlLoves into a premier internet domain for the young professional woman. With Yandy unveiling the early troubles and triumphs concerning E.G.L, it becomes apparent that though she’s found her niche on #loveandhiphop she still has to go through the preliminary struggles and sacrifices  in “branding” this new venture.  Don’t get me wrong Fellas, this guide isn’t gender specific. She just uses E.G.L ,which is catered to women, as a living and tangible example that is still in what Bishop Jakes would call PROCESS.Screen-Shot-2015-12-08-at-10.43.48-AMOverall, I gathered a lot of validation and much needed guidance from this well…guide (lol) that helps me as I do my part to  take FridayJuice to where it needs to be, and because ultimately  I truly believe in sharing  the things that build me up with you guys. I want you to check out The Beauty of Branding In Business and stay tuned for future reviews concerning this engaging series.

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