Juicy Finds: Let’s talk Carols Daughter

Ladies and Gents I’m not going to hold you too long today, but if you don’t know why Carol’s Daughter is a house hold name than I’m here to tell you simply and frankly it’s because they know there STUFF when it comes to anybody with textured hair. Being a subscriber of both Essence Beauty Box and Curl box, which are subscription boxes geared toward the needs of multi-cultural women, I knew it was no coincidence when I received Carol’s Daughter Sacred Tiare 4 in 1 Combing Creme in both boxes. Carols-Daughter-Sacred-Tiare-4-in-1-Combing-Creme-K3924000-820645234864I almost want to be dramatic and say God wanted and needed me to experience this AMAZING detangler, because the results I have seen since using this product has been astounding. If i had to condense my feelings into three reasons why I love this detangler over recent others I have used its because…

  1. Smell Great
  2. Provide long-lasting Moisture
  3. Prevents and improve hair breakage

Though more specifically what I just enjoy is that with a quarter sized amount spread throughout my hair it can take my dry and fragile nest to a silky smooth crown.  I even used it on my younger sister who has some of the thickest and moisture-resistant hair that I have ever laid my fingers on and again it turned her hair into a smooth and silky mane.  The product can be used on both wet and dry hair  as I use it as a pre-wash detangler as well as a leave-in when styling my hair, and I receive the same amazing results! This product is a must have for anyone looking for a product to help with detangling the kinks and curls that may make up your crown while also providing anti-frizz and breakage protection.


Let me also tell you about Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Hair Mask!Carols-Daughter-Monoi-Repairing-Travel-Size-Hair-Mask-K3929600-820645206397 That’s right I’m not done talking about Carols Daughter just yet! Now I mentioned earlier that I received the 4in1 combing creme in two separate subscription boxes. Though did I mention that the February  Curl Box  was actually a “take-over” box? so I received not 1, but 5 Carol’s Daughter PRODUCTS! Though I could rave about ALL the products I received I promise i’m going to end this post out with Carols Daughter Monoi Repairing Hair Mask.  Now this stuff right hereeeeeee, just wow! I mean I couldn’t believe that a product that smells like a perfume creme (if that even exist) could not not only

  1. Stop breakage
  2. Promote hair growth
  3. Soften hair

While additionally providing shine, preventing frizz, and overall just strengthen hair! I mean if you don’t believe what i’m saying feel free to just google the product name and you’ll see nothing but praise. Just apply, leave in for 5 minutes, and wash out to receive the amazing benefits!


Carols Daughter is amazing, and if you tried these amazing products feel free to email or comment below your experiences! Until next time loves, remember to stay juiced up! 🙂

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