The Spill: Ella Mai

As you guys know I kind of have this thing for up and coming artist. I guess you could say that I enjoy sending soundcloud and instgram links to family and friends alike to put them on to the newest and hottest music, and because you guys are my family let’s talk…

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The very first time I ever heard her was in a 15 second cover where she murdered Chris Brown’s #backtosleep

Although I liked her I ¬†would be lying if I said I was thoroughly convinced. This is because although her voice is beyond melodic and her riffs gives me chills. I’m not a cover artist type of gal, I like my musicians to give me original music as well! So I went out on a hunt (a.k.a soundcloud and the magic I found there, I’m finally willing to share here!

Let’s start with her first project titled TROUBLED


My favorite songs off this short EP have no doubt have to be Troubled (prelude) and Left Me. There is something so relateable in her tone that breaks me down to admit yeah I liked him,..I thought I could make him work for me but in the end he left me…though actually ¬†his leaving was the best thing FOR ME¬†because he wasn’t ever really FOr ME.

*two snaps*


Mrs.Mai just allows me to feel so much empowerment in rejecting these f-boys that’s just no good for me. Shalonda be trynna educate me on f-boys, but i’m just naturally drawn to the Chris Brown aesthetic *hidesface! I meannnnnn, say what you want, but although Chris love for Karrueche is often ¬†complicated it’s REAL, RAW, and ¬†trueeeeeeeeeeee. My ideal relationship is a little off but I would be lying if the tough boy who loves only me even if it’s to the point of obsession isn’t just the sexiest thing ever!! LIKEEEEEEEE¬†Keep fighting for your love Chris and ¬†show the Shalonda’s of the world that f-boys can be redeemed.


Because in the end the best things in life just take TIMEartworks-000147218698-z13wxc-t500x500

Speaking of¬†Ella Mai second release…

What I loved about this one versus the first, is that ¬†musically we get to hear Ella Mai without JUST the Toni Braxton sentiment. Don’t get me wrong I love to muse on my romantic failures as much as the next girl, but this project ¬†gives me my F-you, I’m perfect, you’re the disaster tracks that we all need to truly leave situation-ships as just SITUATIONS. Although the project as a whole is amazing , my inner performer particularly comes out on She Don’t, Don’t Want ¬†You, and Old dog, New Bitch.¬†ella


My appreciation for Ella Mai grows with each music release as it’s evident she’s here for the long haul. Make sure that you check her out, and let us know if you think she’s spilling over!

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