NYX -Ombre Lip Duo Review

I need to unsubscribe from NYX subscription list, because I ALWAYS get caught one crusty eye open entering my paypal information in the wee hours of the morning purchasing their new products. Although it didn’t help that when  checking out the Ombre Lip Duo’s on NYX site, I found none other than my “Make-Up Crush Monday” Slay-la a.k.a Makeupshayla doing the application tutorial. Knowing Shayla prides her self in promoting quality make-up , I put any hesitation I might of had in buying theses lip duos to the side and placed my order.

Now i’m not sure if NYX was forwarded my last review, but these lip duo crayons came in 3-5 businesses days!! I was jumping for joy when the white rectangular box was waiting for me when I arrived home.



As is customary for NYX, my Lip Duos were housed in a lace baggie within their small box packaging advising the ingredients, how to apply, and BLAH…BLAH…BLAH (us make-up lovers don’t care too much about that stuff once the money has been sent and the tracking information confirmed) *boop


Color Options

NYX has released 12 color options for the Ombre Lip Duos that range from “PINK BUBBLES & CAVIAR” to “COOKIE & CREAM”. Ultimately, for no true rhyme or reason (if we’re being honest) I decided on 3 random colors (in descending order of my favorites)

  1. Cinnamon Spice 006
  2. Bonnie & Clyde   005
  3. Pink Bubbles and Caviar 004




As you can see from the swatches the lighter (inner shade) is creamier and has more of a smooth consistency than the darker (outer) liner that helps in providing a great semi–long-lasting ombre look.


Also, since we live in a imperfect world where the EOS lip balm isn’t as accessible as the Lippies we sometimes want to apply. I made it my life’s mission when trying out all of these lippies to apply them to both freshly moisturized lips, and lips who hadn’t felt the touch of balm in a couple hours. And just to make what could be a VERY LONG story short. These  lip crayons survived the eating and drinking test and lasted for about 4 hours.

Now as many of you can already predict, having your lips moisturized versus not,  had a MAJOR impact. Whereas simply MOISTURE is key. Though even without a fresh round of lip balm these lip crayons  glided on smooth, there was no residue, and I ultimately found myself looking for more colors to purchase on the site.

I do have to advise that the darker (outer) color of the liner lasts a significant amount of time longer than the the (inner) lighter color, so the reapplication after 4 hours comes from the inner shade rather than the outer. So 4 hours was for the complete “ombre” look rather than the separate lip crayons.

Now i know you’re thinking but Kori, do they bleed into each other ?

Honestly for me they DO NOT! I had my ombre lip color for about 4/5 hours before I needed to re-touch and even then I had no major transfer.

But wait…

Now I know you might be thinking isn’t this just 2 $3 liners put on a single pencil? I would have to say no, because the design of the two ends of the lip duo are designed in helping the customer to achieve the perfect ombre look.Whereas the outer lip liner is thinner to help in doing perfect  straight lines and the inner pencil is chunkier to help the customer to remember to apply liberally in the middle section of the lips.


I LOVE THESE LIP CRAYONS!!! They’re amazing and worth the $11-$12 they’re running for on NYX, Target, and Ulta. It even has me leaning off this Liquid Lipstick Craze to head back over to the land of Lip Crayons


We Shall see and as always stay Juiced Up loves!! 🙂

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